Passion translated into work is what is unique about the professionalism of a person

It is on this basis that I listen daily to the experiences and needs of all those looking for a consultant like me to guide their estate planning choices.

After graduating in economics I obtained 6 years of further experience within a financial consulting firm.

Later I worked as a financial analyst by developing strong capabilities in the dynamic management and creation of investment portfolios. During that time, I undertook many projects for the most important Italian and Spanish financial groups.

In Azimut I recognized the consulting style and the fundamental base that has always distinguished me: independence.

Independence means having someone in front of you and listening to their every need.

Listening” is the basis for finding the solution that best fits the needs of a client.

I imagine myself as a tailor who creates a suit tailored to each person

My experience is at your service

My independence with Azimut

Dr. Davide Prontera

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It is the largest independent financial institution in the Italian market, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. Since its creation, it has only been concerned with what it can do well. The Financial Partners of Azimut always worked to build value and deliver satisfaction to their customers, offering investment solutions focused exclusively on the areas where it has developed and achieved excellent levels of know-how and experience.